EMS Substations

This project is part of the County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Expansion Plan. This expansion will enhance the public safety facilities and provide Emergency Medical Services to the surrounding areas. These facilities will ensure that the County’s EMS maintain an adopted level of service in line with the County’s growth.


  • Improve the response time of County EMS by building strategically located EMS facilities
  • Acquire land for EMS Locations
  • Build EMS facilities to match growth


  • Provide emergency medical, ground transportation services
    • Desoto Blvd Station (22nd Ave NE and Desoto Blvd)
    • Medic 49 (Immokalee Rd and Collier Blvd)
    • Medic 411 (Old 41)
  • Resilient Facilities - Designto include backup power capabilities and hardened systems
  • EXAMPLE:  EMS Station 25 ( Hacienda lakes)
    • 1.33 Acres acquired by the county
    • 500 sf residential unit to be included as required in the DRI
    • Construction will be coordinated with new Hacienda Lakes development
    • Improvements on past prototype designs will be incorporated into facility


  • Total allocation for the construction of EMS Stations (three stations) is $6 M 
  • The Hacienda Lakes project cost is estimated at $1,993,814


  • Desoto Blvd Station started in FY19
  • Medic 49 Station started in FY22
  • Medic 411 Station started FY24


Tony Barone, Project Manager

239-252-8696 or