State of Florida sales Surtax Ordinance

 "The proceeds of the surtax...shall be expended... to finance, plan, and construct infrastructure; to acquire any interest in land for public recreation, conservation, or protection of natural resources or to prevent or satisfy private property rights claims resulting from limitations imposed by the designation of an area of critical state concern; to provide loans, grants, or rebates to residential or commercial property owners who make energy efficiency improvements to their residential or commercial property, if a local government ordinance authorizing such use is approved by referendum; or to finance the closure of county-owned or municipally owned solid waste landfills that have been closed or are required to be closed by order of the Department of Environmental Protection." 

Collier County oNE - cENT Sales Surtax ordinance

 On April 24th, 2018 the Board of County Commissioners of Collier County adopted a One-Cent Sales Surtax Ordinance, No. 2018-21 (included in Section 212.055(2)(d) F.S.