Image of project location and cost.

Vanderbilt Beach Road Extension

This expansion will enhance the overall mobility of the Estates by providing an alternative east west route. This will also alleviate the demand on Immokalee Road and Golden Gate Blvd W. This entire project is in the County’s Long-Range Transportation Plan.  


  • Extend Vanderbilt Beach Road to the East providing 4-6 lanes, bike lanes, sidewalk 
  • The treatment of stormwater run-off


Projected Ultimate Build-Out

  • Six-lane-lane divided roadway urban section from Collier Boulevard to either Curry Canal or Wilson Boulevard
  • Four-lane divided rural section from either Curry Canal or Wilson Boulevard to 16th Street NE
  • Possible connections to 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, & 27th Streets NW will depend on traffic modeling and stakeholder input
  • One new signal at Vanderbilt Beach Road/Wilson Boulevard intersection
  • Possible Roundabouts: 
  • Vanderbilt Beach Road/8th Street NE intersection
  • Vanderbilt Beach Road/16th Street NE intersection
  • Five new bridges: Cypress Canal (2), Curry Canal, Corkscrew Canal, Orange Tree Canal
  • Treatment and attenuation of stormwater run-off by means of ponds
  • Maintenance of the existing stormwater overland flow characteristic by means of cross pipes.
  • Optional features such as streetlights, on-road bike lanes, sidewalk, and a 12-foot pathway were presented at the last public information meeting and the feedback was received indicated there was a consensus that street lighting should only be provided at intersections. There was support for the on-road bike lanes, sidewalks, and a 12-foot pathway and those features remain in the 60 percent design plans


  • Total project cost for 1st half of a phased build-out is estimated at $100 M
  • Current budgeted funding in the next 5 years is approximately $26 M
  • The current shortfall is $74 M


  • Estimated construction start FY 2020-21
  • Estimated completion FY 2023


Marlene Messam, P.E.

Principal Project Manager